A report by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic stated that motor vehicle crashes caused 36,096 fatalities in 2019. Car crashes are quite frequent, and you can be a victim regardless of following traffic rules to the latter. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do after a car crash; do you?  

It is crucial to understand accident law to help you when involved in a car crash. Keep reading to know the top things to do after an auto accident. 

1. Stay at the Scene and Maintain Safety

The worst mistake you can make after a car crash is leaving the scene of the accident, regardless of how minor it seems. You don’t want to face hit and run charges! If you have been injured, wait for the ambulance and the police before leaving the accident scene.

While there, ensure that everyone is safe by having your hazard lights on. You might also want to have a sign on the road to show other users there has been a crash. Avoid stepping into traffic or onto the road when checking out if everyone is okay, as it can cause further accidents, especially at night.

If it’s possible, move your car from the road. You’ll protect yourself and other road users from other crashes. For victims who have sustained injuries, moving the vehicle to the side of the road shouldn’t be a priority.

2. Prioritize Medical Assistance

Immediate medical assistance shouldn’t be debatable. You should see a doctor, whether or not you have visible injuries. It’s impossible to state with certainty that you’re okay unless a doctor checks you and confirms. 

You might be having internal bleeding or swelling, pinched nerves, and many unseen complications that are likely to manifest in the future. Seek medical help immediately as delaying will make it harder to prove that you sustained the car crash injuries.

Your doctor should document every medical expense as it will be an essential part of car accident claim information. Before you get your compensation, partnering with the right settlement funding agency will help you settle your medical bills. As such, you shouldn’t shy away from seeking medical assistance due to financial constraints. 

3. Collect Enough Evidence 

With accident law, the evidence is everything. You need to have detailed car crash information for you to get your rightful compensation. Capture every detail as it will prove crucial when pursuing your personal injury claim. 

It would help to take videos and pictures of the accident scene. Capture images of the damaged vehicles, the place the accident occurred, and your injuries. It is advisable to take the photo and video evidence as soon as possible to avoid interfering with the police as they take their evidence. 

Memories tend to fade; witnesses can change narratives. To save yourself from such scenarios, ensure that you keep the evidence for future references. The burden to prove your case rests solely on you; collect sufficient evidence.

4. Call the Police 

You need to dial 911 even if no one has sustained notable injuries. Having the police at the accident scene is crucial for your claim process. Police officers often gather relevant information from the parties involved in the accident.

A police officer will create an accident record that you can obtain from the station later. The insurance company needs the police report to confirm the accident’s details and determine the at-fault party. Without an official police report, the at-fault party is likely to deny the claim.

Your personal injury lawyer will also require a police report to pursue the case. The documentation will be necessary for legal funding. Note the officer who is taking the report to make it easier for you to get it days later after the crash.

5. Start the Claim Process

You need to start the claim process soon after the accident to get your rightful compensation on time. After you have informed your insurer, get in touch with the at-fault’s party insurer, preferably through your lawyer.

It’s crucial to understand that the insurance company in question will hardly make it easier for you to get the money. If anything, they might try to poke holes in the case to deny you compensation. As such, you might want to have your documentation and all evidence ready in case they reject your claim. 

Insurance companies have the knowledge and skills to lure you into settling for a lesser amount. They have adjusters and lawyers who will be on your case. Unless you’re highly knowledgeable in accident law, it’s advisable to have a personal injury lawyer to guide you on what to do after a car crash.

6. Hire an Attorney

 Car accidents result in $55 billion in work loss and medical costs. If you don’t get the right compensation after a car crash, you’re likely to suffer years of financial constraints. Hiring a lawyer increases your chances of winning your car crash case. 

Your attorney should know about the accident soon enough to help in gathering the evidence. Ensure that you get a lawyer who has experience in personal injury. With the right attorney, you have better chances with your case. 

A lawyer is a sure way of having your rights protected. You’ll also get guidance on the correct procedure to follow with the claim. Most car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they will work hard for you to win the case as that’s the only way to get paid.

Knowing Accident Law Is Crucial For All Motorists 

Many drivers don’t know what to do after a car crash. This lack of information has adverse impacts on victims of car accidents. It would help to learn more about car accident law and how to go about car accident claim information. 

As you prioritize hiring a lawyer, it would help to have a source of funding for all your bills before you can get your settlement. You’ll save yourself from accepting a lower compensation out of desperation. 

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