How Do I Get a Settlement Loan? A Guide

The wheels of justice don’t turn particularly fast. A ponderous stance makes sense in criminal proceedings, nobody wants to rush to judgment and condemn unfairly. 

In civil matters, the slow wheel leaves many unable to seek recompense. The problems you face after an injury or wrongful death cause problems now and need solutions immediately. This is one reason that settlement loan offers exist.

You need funds to pay for litigation costs and to pursue a matter against a larger, more entrenched party. After an injury, funds tend to dwindle, and legal proceedings are expensive.

Applying for a settlement loan is a quick, straightforward process. Read on to learn more.

Settlement Loan

Many personal injury and accidental attorneys work on contingency, they only get paid if they win the case. Settlement loans work along the same lines, you only pay it back if you win. 

The loan company takes a risk in offering funds and this risk is offset by their confidence in your legal team and the merits of the case. That said, it’s still a risk, being approved for a settlement loan doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the case. 

Keep in mind the odds of winning a personal injury case are about 55 percent


The first step in applying for a lawsuit loan is to have a lawsuit in the works. This requires you to hire an attorney and file a case. 

Once the ball is rolling, you inform your attorney that you intend to secure a lawsuit advance. From there you apply for the loan.

Attorney Approval

Your lawyer is contacted to discuss the parameters of the case and to grant approval for the loan. The consent of your attorney is partially about ensuring sensitive information is not leaked and partially about granting access to necessary information for the loan company to evaluate the merits.


After your attorney approves, you submit case documents to the loan company for review. This will include documents that support your case and may be provided, with permission, by your attorney. 

These include:

  • Hospital admittance forms
  • Consultation reports from experts
  • Police reports from the incident
  • Reports on tests, treatments, and surgeries 

Once submitted, you move on to approval and an offer funds.

Financial Approval

The final loan offer includes the funds provided and the terms for repayment.

Repayment of a settlement loan comes from the settlement plus any additional interest or fees charged. Florida Settlement Funding charges a flat 50% repayment fee that does not increase or change, no matter the length of your case.

Remember that your lawyer’s fees and court costs are accessed first before a settlement is released, so plan accordingly. 


Once your case lawyer approves, funding offers can come within 24 hours. The process is rapid to provide you with the necessary funds quickly so you can focus on recovery.

Get Started

With the number of traffic accidents rising over the last two years, you want to work as quickly as possible. 

At Florida Settlement Funding we review and approve a wide variety of case types. Check us out and apply today.